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My dorm.
26 January 2007

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Looking back.
14 January 2007

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Long Exposure Testing
10 January 2007

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28 December 2006

Recent Comments

badala on Sunset in Sitka.
I wish I was sitting there looking at this sight in's so beautiful.

Pacito D'Rivera on Let's be serious now, boys.
MMm... The greatest naked country band on earth.

MaryB on Let's be serious now, boys.

Michel [Une photo, vite et reviens tard] on Let's be serious now, boys.
Nice picture the others on this blog!!

Shashank on Lunch Break.
Nice colorfull photo.

badala on Yay, yellow flowers!
Ohhh, beautiful yellow flowers! Nice DOF, too.

kairospix on The Closer.
interesting shot might look even better if it was a full silhouette and the right details are removed :)

{H} creatives on The Closer.
I love the silhouette effect! Nice capture!

Nana Ramp on Back at home.
A beautiful palette, JW!

Beckie on Back at home.
That's a beautiful shot. I love the colors and the snow-capped mountains in the background. Excellent.

Koko on Back at home.
I love the colors! Nice texture as well =)

badala on Back at home.
Splendid framing. The colors and texture...phenomenal.

frank on World's 1st LEED-certified Convention Center.
Good shot, all envyronment friendly buildings must be applauded, you must be proud of that. well done.

Evie on Goodbye, Pittsburgh.
Nice cityscape.

Beckie on Goodbye, Pittsburgh.
Wonderful capture~composition, framing, colors, all great.

Evie on Enoma in front of the Cathedral of Learning.
Very nice portrait, good light.

Mom on Almost time to say goodbye...
It's hard to believe that in a few days you'll be living on an island again where the whole population would ...

Kairospix on Enoma in front of the Cathedral of Learning.
great portrait shot there! very sharo and a good clean background!

Evie on Enoma on the steps of Porter Hall.
Nice light and shadows in this one.

aniketana on Enoma in the studio.
Lighting effect on face is really good. Play of Light and Shadows are captured nicely.

Johnny Soedomo on Enoma in the studio.
nice lighting control... good shot

Dawn Sutherland on Enoma in the studio.
Very cool shot!

Kairospix on The Mechanic's Yard.
haha farny comment there Beckie... speaking from experience? :) jwhairybob - nice capture; i like the contrast of the ...

Beckie on The Mechanic's Yard.
And a wife's nightmare!! LOL Great shot.

Jerry on Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream.
jwhairybob - step away from the ice cream and send it to me right away!!! :-)) Wonderful image! Excellent details and ...

Mom on Flashing me.
A haircut when?

Hunter on Safe!
so...was he safe or out?

Tom on Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park.
Sweet! Definitely one of the Parks I want to get to someday. . . . you got room on your floor? I'll buy the ...

Ken McCoy on Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park.
What a fantastic shot! It has so many visual elements but seems very ordered -- great color variety!

Lock on Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park.
very cool shot.

Rui Borges on Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park.
Beautiful image from a different reality... That's a game I'll never understand... ;-)

Mom on Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park.
Even with binoculars it's a closer look at MLB we ever get from here. I love the picture though.

Scene by Sharon Photography on Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies.
great shot!

Evie on Me.
Nice self-portrait.

Evie on Spoon!
Good shot.

Richard_Irwin on Carnival Booths at CMU.
What a scene, the colours really jump at you, excellent work

badala on Carnival Booths at CMU.
Like this a lot. A nice capture. Like the confusion.

Beckie on Carnival Booths at CMU.
WOW, that just pops right out at ya with all those great colors.

Rene on Dice-K gets a visit.
For the kind of money he is getting paid it almost doesn't matter what there saying, he is thinking, Lamborghini. ...

Jerry on Me.
Hey jwhairybob! Nice to me you!!! Creative idea:-))

Inès on Me.
Hello you ;o) !!!

Mom on They tear my heart out.
Thank the Lord that our family portrait doesn't look like that.....jen does beautiful work.

Scene by Sharon Photography on Pretty vase :)
nice depth of field - very nice!

Dimitrios on Pretty vase :)

Hunter on Bonds.
nice pic Jub

Dimitrios on From the shadows...
simply SUPERB!

Jacqui on Pole-vaulter.
Oh my gosh - I LOVE this picture! I used to be a pole vaulter (never as good as that) but I have such a soft spot for ...

Dornbrau on My new home.
Breath taking!

Beckie on My new home.
WOW, I think it's totally awesome!! Spectacular! VERY WELL DONE!!!!

Dimitrios on My new home.
well done you are a great stitcher as well, lovely night skyline

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